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Consultations about Civil Status Issues

After nine years from the eruption of the Syrian Revolution in 2011 and with the decrease of the military works, the legal file comes on the top of the cases raised

Most Common FAQ's

1- Necessary definitions for expressions and words

3- How to register the last name of a person that didn’t mention it and only mentioned the name of his father?

5- What are the duties of the civil registrar regarding registering records and incidents of the citizens?

7- What is the legal proving power for the civil records?

9- What are the registration procedures in the civil register?

2- What are the duties of civil registry secretariat?

4- How to register the fraternity linage in case their father didn’t have a record in the house where their names where enlisted?

6- What is the system of civil registration and it relies on which basis?

8- What are the provisions of registration in the civil register?

10- What are the registration procedures in the foreign countries?

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