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After nine years from the eruption of the Syrian Revolution in 2011 and with the decrease of the military works, the legal file comes on the top of the cases raised

Most Common FAQ's

1- How can I prove purchase at the attorney notary public? And what are the types of notary public attorneys? And how can I cancel the documented attorney at the notary public?

3- How to get limitation of succession that is necessary to move the money inherited by the heirs?

5- What is the statement of proprietary record, what is its importance and how can I get this statement?

7- What is the title deed (known between people as green Tapu or green registration) and what is the proving power giving to the property that get sold pursuant to ownership title? And how to acquire this title?

9- The rights of commonage owner: I own a common property share I inherited from my mother and the rest of heirs owns the rest of shares, what are my rights in this share and how can I get out of the commonage stage?

11- My relative allocated me a share of his house that is registered in the notary public, how can I prove this allocation and how can I move this allocation for me in the civil register in the future?

13- How can I get a judicial decision in order to approve my ownership for a property in the areas of informal settlements because it can't get registered in the notary public?

15- The difference between the cadaster and provisional register: While I was buying a residential apartment I was told that it’s registered in the provisional register and the owner will evacuate the apartment for me with the provisional register, so what is this register and what is the proving power it has and doesn’t it differ from the permanent cadaster?

17- For completing a license for a property I own the municipality asked me to bring (survey statement and survey chart) how can I get them and what is the difference between them?

19- At Yarmouk camps of Palestinian refugee, status of housing's ownership varies, what is the status of those ownerships and what is the probative force of each of those status?

21- What are the main differences between property ownership types: Ownership registered at real estate registry "the Green Tapu", Ownership registered by judicial judgment and ownership registered by power of attorney at notary public?

23- How can implement the judgment that includes canceling registration of a property in the notary public?

25- Correcting the name of the owner in the cadaster: I bought an agricultural property and I couldn’t finish the treatment of evacuation at the notary public because of the difference in the name between the personal identity of the owner and the name written in the cadaster, what shall I do?

27- Canceling the right of insurance mortgage

29- When my mother was alive, she owned a property that is registered in the notary public, she registered the property for me and my sister half by half and she kept the right of benefiting from the property during her life, now after her death we want to see the house, how can we lift this mark?

2- What is the legitimate type of property and what is difference between the fiscal property and personal property and the effect of that on inheritance treatments?

4- What can I move the property I inherited from my father to my name?

6- How can I issue a (judicial mandate) for someone absent?

8- Selling property in public auction: Someone repeatedly threatens me that he will sell my office in public auction if I didn't pay him his debt I took from him. Can this person sell my property whenever he wants? And how does this process of selling in public auction happen?

10- Can the person that doesn’t own a personal identity get his share of inheritance from a property in front of the notary public, and can he write a mandate of selling property at the notary public?

12- I want to raise a claim on the heirs of someone and the doesn’t get accepted unless I attach a document of limitation of succession but the heirs don’t want to give me a copy of this document, how can I issue limitation of succession knowing that organizations only issues it for the heirs and I'm not one of them?

14- We got forcibly displaced from Damascus countryside to the north and left our houses. After that, law no.10 got issued and other laws that demands to submit proofs of ownership. What can we do to protect our properties?

16- We are three partners that equally own a property and we agreed on sorting it consensually into three properties in order to allocate a property for each one of us, so what is the method of doing that?

18- How can a subscriber member at housing association waive his membership to others?

20- One person may own one two or more properties next to each other, and he want to unify them in one property, what is the purpose of such unification and what procedures are required?

22- How can I get a statement of ability to disburse seizure allowance?

24- How to get a contract of easement of passage: I own a property that is surrounded from all sides and I used to use my neighbor’s property to reach my property without any objection from him but his heirs now prevents me from passing in the land-- How can I get a contract of easement of passage and how to register it?

26- How can register a mark of interim consensual record on a registration of a property that I bought and hasn’t moved its ownership yet?

28- How can I register my share from a residential association in the notary public?

30- How the mark of clam get registered or canceled?

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