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"The Association for Justice for Peace (JFP) is a Syrian non-governmental organization whose main goal is to promote human rights and the rule of law in Syria. It was officially announced in 2013 and later registered in Turkey. The JFP seeks to strengthen the alternative institutions that have emerged during the Syrian uprising by providing them with the necessary legal and administrative expertise. The JFP operates within Syria and Turkey, and has implemented several projects including arbitration centers and legal clinics, building the capacity of local councils, and training media activists to use video and images as legal evidence. JFP aims to build a society based on justice and governed by law by spreading awareness and entrenching concepts of justice, democracy and human rights. As it spreads the concepts of civil society and the role of law and its effects in all areas of life, so that it is concerned with planning and implementation, To participate in awareness or advocacy campaigns for all segmen..."

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