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Consultations about Refugees in Jordan

After nine years from the eruption of the Syrian Revolution in 2011 and with the decrease of the military works, the legal file comes on the top of the cases raised

Most Common FAQ's

1- On what basis rely the legal existence of Syrian refugees in Jordan?

3- What is the financial cost for issuing work permits whether agricultural or constructional permits regarding Syrians?

5- Is it allowed for the Syrian refugees to subscribe in the social security institution in Jordan?

7- Do the Syrians in Jordan have the right to get a residency card?

9- Are documents issued from the Syrian Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces or issued from Interim Government accepted in Jordan?

11- What is the penalty of customary marriage according to the Jordanian law?

13- Does the rules of customary marriage and its penalty apply on the couples that got married and gave birth to children in Syria before coming to Jordan?

15- Does the Syrian worker have the right to raise his labor claim and follow it by himself without the need for a Jordanian attorney and in front of which court can he raise his claim?

17- Does the Syrian lessee have the right to evacuate the leased property before the end of contract without being committed to pay the accruals resulted from ending the contract before the period stated in the contract?

19- Do the Syrians that exist on the Jordanian land have the right to own and drive a car?

21- What is the age of marriage in the Jordanian law and are there exceptions followed in Jordan that can be used?

23- What are the types of Syariah Courts that regulate the civil affairs law in Jordan and are they on two types as they are in Syria?

25- What is the difference between the two categories of investment A and B?

27- Are all the jobs that rely on university certificates closed in front of Syrians that live in Jordan?

29- Are there deportation cases for Syrian refugees in Jordan?

2- What are the types of work permissions in Jordan that are allowed for the Syrian refugees?

4- Can the carrier of agricultural or constructional work permit leave the camps without getting a permission from the management of the camp?

6- Do the Syrians that live in Jordan have the right to travel to another country and return to Jordan?

8- Do the Syrians in Jordan have the right to own a property in Jordan?

10- What is the purpose behind the Jordanian project of making the female that is about to get married to swear that she is still virgin or not?

12- Can the Syrian woman that exist in Jordan with her children resort to the Jordanian judiciary in order to get a custody decision for her children? How can this be done?

14- Does the Syrian worker who doesn’t have a work permit have the right to claim his due wages with the employer?

16- In case the lease contract ended and the owner of the leased property didn’t demand to evacuate nor asked to increase the rent, does this make the contract automatically renewed on the same terms?

18- Is getting the card of UNHCR is a right for each Syrian on the Jordanian lands?

20- What are the documents needed to get the UNHCR car in Jordan?

22- What is the judgment if the age of the wife is less than 16 years old?

24- What is the method collecting alimony and will the wife be able to imprison her husband or ex-husband in case he didn’t pay pursuant to the Jordanian law?

What are the advantages that the Syrian person who live in Jordan can get from getting registered in the commerce chamber and getting the description of an investor?

28- Can the Syrians that live outside the Jordanian lands travel to Jordan and under which conditions?

30- Do the Syrians that want to raise legal claims and follow them without the need to have an attorney?

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