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Consultations about Refugees in Lebanon

After nine years from the eruption of the Syrian Revolution in 2011 and with the decrease of the military works, the legal file comes on the top of the cases raised

Most Common FAQ's

1- How can the refugee that is registered at Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR get a residency in Lebanon?

3- What is the type of residency that is eligible for the refugee in case he/she got married to a Lebanese person?

5- Can the person who owns a property in Lebanon get a residency?

7- I'm a Syrian but my mother is Lebanese, can I get the Lebanese nationality?

9- Can anyone that enter Lebanon pursuant to a hotel booking apply for residency?

11- Can the residency be move from the guarantor to the UN guarantee?

13- My residency got expired and they stopped me on a block, they sent me to the public security and gave me deportation, what shall I do?

15- Can the person who entered illegally to Lebanon make a reconciliation?

17- How can the denial of entry put against the Syrian on the borders be elevated?

19- Does the refugee get removed from the UNHCR in case he traveled to Syria in a visit?

21- How can birth be registered in Lebanon?

23- Is it enough to register the baby on his time of birth with the UNHCR or there are other procedures?

25- I got divorced with my husband so how can I register the divorce in the personal status department?

27- How can I get a work residency?

29- How to get work permission for workers?

31- Is it allowed for anyone that has a residency pursuant to a lease contract or a real estate residency or under the guarantee of the UNHCR to get a work permission?

2- How can the Syrian refugee apply for a residency if he was leasing a property?

4- What is the meaning of residency on a guarantor?

6- Can the person who has discretionary residency work in Lebanon?

8- Can the person who illegally entered Lebanon get a residency?

10- What happens if someone delays in renewing the residency?

12- Is it possible in register in UNHCR?

14- In case your name got mistaken for a demanded person, what should you do?

16- What happens if I leave Lebanon while violating the residency?

18- Can the Syrian get a student residency?

20- How does marriage get registered in Lebanon?

22- My son’s birth wasn’t registered and now he is two years old and the civil affairs department in Lebanon doesn’t agree to register him, so what shall I do?

24- We got marriage pursuant to a customary contract (by Sheik- a religious person) and now we have a daughter, how can we register her?

26- How can register death?

28- What is the first grade work permission? How can I get it?

30- What are the professions that are legally allowed to be worked by Syrians in Lebanon?

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