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Starting a Project to Remove Rubble in the Al-Bab Area in Eastern Aleppo

The project mainly includes removing about 131,000 cubic meters of rubble
The Syrian Civil Defense started a project to remove rubble and rehabilitate roads in the al-Bab area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, this comes within the framework of its efforts to provide early recovery services and improve the services in the area, whose population has increased dramatically after the last waves of displacement early last year.

The project aims to remove the accumulated debris in neighborhoods and public squares, especially in some areas where rubble has turned into places for throwing garbage and a place to attract rodents. It also aims to reopening roads and rehabilitating the damages by using the removed debris.

The project mainly includes the removal of about 131 thousand cubic meters of rubble, from which the fieldwork began on Sunday, February 14, in 42 sites, including 28 in the city of Al- Bab, 6 sites in Bazaa, and 6 sites distributed in Qabasin and Kafrghan.

Part of the rubble that is removed will be used in rehabilitating 5 roads with a total length of 12,600 meters, 4 of which are in the city of Al-Bab and a road in the city of Bazaa, by leveling the roads and spreading them with a layer of gravel and rubble of 25 cm thickness and stacking it appropriately with a slope of 2% to facilitate the drainage of rainwater.

The Syrian Civil Defense continuously launches service campaigns in northern Syria to improve services and infrastructure especially in the areas that have been bombed, taking advantage of the relatively calm situation in the region, to support the stability of civilians and stand by them.

The Syrian Civil Defense carried out more than 135 thousand service operations during the year 2020, in addition to dozens of intensive service campaigns that focused on providing several service works in a specific area, including (Peace for Idlib, Azaz is more beautiful, Furatna is more beautiful, the revival of the city of Atarib, hope for the returnees Ariha) The service operations provided by the teams varied, and were largely in response to the need of civilians, and focused on rehabilitating public facilities, removing rubble and other operations, especially with the beginning of the winter season the teams intensified floor coverings and road rehabilitation for the camps