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Syrian Legal Development Programme


The Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) was established in 2013 and operates as a non-aligned, non- governmental organization. The idea of SLDP emerged as a result of the Syrian conflict, which erupted in 2011, after realizing the importance of addressing complex legal needs triggered by conflicts. These needs concern both the country as a whole and different stakeholders in the conflict. It is of utmost importance to address legal voids in order to prevent major human rights violations and uphold the rule of law, and this is particularly complex in conflict areas. Different stakeholders, such as humanitarian workers and NGOs, civil society organizations, temporary institutions and the general public have many and various legal needs. Addressing these needs for Syrians is a task with huge challenges due to the ever changing dynamics of the conflict. SLDP has made its mission to utilize its legal expertise and contextual knowledge to address current and developing legal needs in Syria.

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