Syrian Legal Platform

The Tenth Periodic Meeting of the Syrian Legal Platform in Turkey

The Syrian Legal Platform held its tenth periodic meeting on Thursday 04-03-2021 with the participation of a group of platform partners, which dealt with a set of presentations by the parties participating in the platform on the most important activities and outcomes for the year 2020 and discussing the training priorities for the activities planned to be held. In addition to discussing the website updates for the Syrian Legal platform
It is worth noting that the Syrian Legal platform is a Syrian-Syrian platform and a joint working space between Syrian NGOs, CSOs, Bars and unions active in the field of promoting human rights and the rule of law in order to exchange information and experiences, identify priorities and advocate for them.
The platform was established in 2019 with the support and hosting of the Assistance Coordination Uni/ACU and with the supervision and technical support of Legal Experts Team/LET.