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It’s a Joint Syrian Space-Independent Syrian Platform to coordinate efforts and dialogue between organizations and Syrian gatherings interested in the Syrian legal affair.
Coordinating the legal work, mobilization and advocacy for legal files in a qualified way for guiding and counseling the Syrian Legal Work through spreading legal awareness, enhancing the culture of human rights, the rule of law and values of justice, citizenship, democracy and good governance as well as providing legal services for Syrians and keeping their rights in a way that guarantees making the required effect on the social and the political levels.

A Syrian Society that believe in its rights and defend them and able to practice its rights till reaching a country of law and organizations.


After nine years from the eruption of the Syrian Revolution in 2011 and with the decrease of the military works, the legal file comes on the top of the cases raised by the revolution. Whether on the dimension of the cases that were one of the revolution’s reasons and objectives, to reach a democratic state governed by a new social decade based on the separation of powers, independence of the judiciary, rule of the law and respecting the rights and freedoms of the citizens. Or on the dimension of the legal cases that increased during the years of conflict because of severe violations for the international human rights law and international humanitarian law which included killing outside the frame of the law as well as detention, forced disappearance, violations on properties and driving away millions of the Syrians this is in addition to the legal situations imposed by the state of displacement and asylum which need treatment. Or on the dimension of the legal cases from a future perspective in the light of talking about political solution and new constitution as well as preparing the country for elections under the oversight of United Nations and what accompanies this of transitional justice cases, the return of the refugees and displaced persons to their places of origin as well as property restitution.

Like a trace of hope during the years of conflict, a Syrian civil society emerged in Syria, it began its works actively in the legal field and worked on developing its tools and building its skills and contributed in serving these cases. Pursuant to the concurrence of all concerned persons in this field about the need to increase coordination between them, many meetings were held at the second half of 2019 between Assistance Coordination Unit as a side interested in coordinating efforts and providing support for civil society initiatives, and Legal Experts Team which is consisted of a group of experts that are specialized in providing assistance in the legal affairs about what organization, specialized agencies and civil society organizations need in order to implement their programs and projects.

The discussions during these meetings were focused on finding a format for coordinating the works of interested persons in the legal file as well as exchanging information and knowledge, enhancing effect and covering all presented fields. Consultations have been expanded to include most of the competent organizations and it was agreed on forming a legal platform as a joint space to coordinate efforts and in order to guarantee its continuation, Assistance Coordination Unit undertook to provide logistical support and on the other hand the experts team undertook to provide technical support.

The efforts succeeded on 26 February 2019 in launching the first meeting for the Syrian Platform which was called for by Assistance Coordination Unit as a logistical side, Peace, Justice and Documentation Association (APJD) as a host for the Legal Experts Team and Civilians for Justice and Peace Organization as a facilitator side. About 22 persons attended as representatives for legal sides. After this meeting many meetings were held and resulted in agreeing on defining the Platform and its objectives. The number of participants increased to reach 34 legal sides under the hosting of Assistance Coordination Unit with its logistical role as well as Legal Experts Team with its technical role.

Goals of The Syrian
Legal Platform

Enhancing cooperation between participating organizations through dialogue, coordinating work and exchanging information.

Enhancing joint specialized work through building specialized work groups.

Building an information bank for legal organizations and persons as well as an experience house and thinking mind.

Building a joint
strategy for legal work.

Spreading legal awareness, human rights culture, rule of law, principles of democracy and good governance.

Empowering and enhancing woman rights through performing her effective role in society by work on achieving equality between genders and demolishing discrimination in all social, political and legal fields.

Developing legal capacities for individuals and

Creating societal and political change through mobilization and advocacy for legal cases on all levels.

Supporting children rights and doing all procedures to protect their lives and future as well as helping them to achieve prosperity and their potentials from the early stage of childhood till adolescence.

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