Syrian Legal Platform

SLP Structure

The Host of The Syrian
Legal Platform

Assistance Coordination Unit hosts the Syrian Legal Platform with the purpose of securing the legal cover for the works of the Platform and facilitating communication between participants, stakeholders and audience as well as providing necessary facilitations for organizing periodic and exceptional meetings of the Platform and following its outcomes. In addition to that ACU works on providing all managerial, media and logistical services as well as culture of information that support the Platform, managing database, Platform’s archive and website in addition to continuous work on providing necessary resources to support, coordinate and enhance works of the Platform. This is in addition to work with the technical supervisor to advocate the Platform and its outcomes with the Syrian society and activists of the Syrian affair and donating countries as well as continuous work on developing the platform and supporting it by consultation with participating organizations.

Technical supervisor of SLP

The Legal Experts Team takes the role of technical supervision for the Platform through bringing views of the participants around the legal files closer as well as enhancing communication mechanisms, providing technical support for the hosting side in order to facilitate its work as well as implementing the technical activities and works of the Platform, auditing outcomes and messages issued from the meetings of the Platform, participating in advocating the Platform and its outcomes with the Syrian society and the activists of the Syrian affair and the granting countries and work continually on developing the Platform and supporting it in consultation with the participating organizations.

Coordinator of SLP

The Coordinator of the Platform gets appointed by the hosting side “Assistance Coordination Unit” which supervise its work and follow it and he works in complete coordination with the technical supervisor of the Platform “Legal Experts Team”. His main tasks are managerial, providing facilitation and as a communication point between participants of the Platform, the hosting side and the technical supervisor. He also provides all necessary facilitations to guarantee the progress of the Platform towards achieving its objectives in the perfect way as well as implementing its works and activities according what is planned for it.