Syrian Legal Platform

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Goals of The Syrian
Legal Platform

Enhancing cooperation

between the participating institutions through dialogue and coordination of work.

Enhancing joint specialized work

through building specialized work groups.

Data bank

building an information bank for legal organizations and persons as well as an experience house and thinking mind.

Building a joint strategy

for legal work.


spreading legal awareness, human rights culture, rule of law and principles of democracy .

Empowering and enhancing woman rights

through performing her effective role in society.

Developing legal capacities

for individuals and organizations.

Social and political change

through mobilization and advocacy for legal cases on all levels.

Supporting children rights

to protect their lives and future

Syrian Legal
Platform Partners

The Platform includes representatives of civil non-governmental organization, civil society initiatives and Technical Unions and Leagues which are active in the field of human rights and the rule of law as well as supporting woman, child, advocacy, awareness-raising and empowerment. Also any active Syrian organization or initiative or league shall have the right to participate in the Platform.

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Statistics about the Syrian Legal Platform

The number of participants in the Syrian Legal Platform has reached 34 organizations

Asset 2y3r

Percentage of member organizations according to the main areas of work

88 %

39 %
Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
33 %
Education and Research

27 %
9 %
Digital Media and Security
3 %
Social Services

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