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Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) is Canada’s leading media development organization. We train journalists to report on human rights and governance issues in their communities. It operates in more than twenty-seven countries, covering human rights issues in an objective and ethical way. The organization has empowered thirteen thousand journalists and has positively affected the lives of fifty million people around the world. For more information about the activities of Journalists for Human Rights, please visit the following link

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Journalists for Human Rights (jhr)

Impact of Cultural Diversity on Syrian Refugees

Cultures differ from one country to another, and there is sometimes a diverse number of cultures in one single city. This diversity is reflected in the various combinations of cultural identities in human beings, in terms of norms, traditions, values, languages, and religions.

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Journalists for Human Rights (jhr)

Restricted Freedoms and Religious Extremism

For the past five decades, Syrians have lived under a totalitarian regime that has succeeded in excluding all those in opposition, after the Baath Party came into power by force through the military coup of 1973.

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