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Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights is a human rights organization that conducts expert medical documentation for legal proceedings relating to patients reporting torture, cruel and inhumane treatment and sexual violence. The organization is also known as LDHR. It is officially registered in Turkey, but works in Syria, Turkey and Jordan. Its doctors and lawyers started training and work in 2012, but formally registered as an NGO in 2015. LDHR believes in the practical application of science and medicine as evidence to assist in the adjudication of criminal and human rights legal proceedings relating to torture, sexual violence and other violations. Its work to date primarily supports investigation and prosecution of international crimes in Syria, pursued through the use of extra-territorial criminal jurisdiction in Europe. LDHR’s trained medical experts conduct professional medical evaluations according to the Istanbul Protocol: UN OHCHR Professional Training Series No. 8/Rev.1 Manual on the Effective Inv.

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Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights (LDHR)

Death Became a Daily Thing

Today is Human Rights Day. LDHR marks this day by highlighting the plight and life-threatening conditions faced by detainees in Syrian detention centers through the release of its latest report “Death Became a Daily Thing: The Deliberate and Systematic Failure to Provide for Health and Medical Care in Syrian Detention Centers”.

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