Syrian Legal Platform

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Shared Experiences Among Syrian Detainees

This report gives a basic understanding of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Syria, particularly in prison facilities. It starts with a historical context providing information on the history of SGBV in Syria and focuses on the types of SGBV committed against detainees in Syrian prisons – such as rape, torture with tools, lack of access to reproductive care for women, different types of sexual harassment and other forms of SGBV – and their ramifications. The report addresses those acts of violence with the objective of recording incidents of SGBV, which are vital to promoting accountability and achieving sustainable peace in post-conflict situations.

The report also addresses the negative outcomes after release and the stigma surrounding SGBV that makes it difficult for survivors reintegrate into their communities, as well as other social consequences such as marital problems, mental health challenges (PTSD), forced marriage for women after their release, and social stigma.

The report is based on 100 structured interviews the TDA research team conducted with 79 female and 21 males of former detainees currently residing in various Turkish and European cities. The sample size limits the ability to compare the responses of males and females. However, it does provide a window into the current situation and can therefore serve as a simple summary.