Syrian Legal Platform

Survivors’ Experiences in Regime Prisons in Syria

This study examines the experiences of 200 male and female detainees released from Adra Prison, who were more fortunate than others to arrive in Adra prison after an arrest experience during which they were subjected to several types of violations. We say “more fortunate” because even emergency tribunals in Security Services basements become a source of hope, however slight, for detainees. This hope has not been fulfilled for many of those who were tortured to death or who were secretly abducted by government forces, whose fate is not yet known.

The study focuses on what the survivor’s have been through during detention in multiple security branches, since the detention started until they arrived in Adra prison. Then it examines the reality and the conditions of detention in Adra prison, and the reality of the trials that often coincide with the transfer to Adra prison.